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Gentle Dove Farm Pictures and Videos

Featured Video: Gentle Dove Farm's French Connection!
The French Cable Television station Equidia aired a 50 minute documentary on the New York City Mounted Police and featured Gentle Dove Farm training!  We were delighted to participate in the filming of the French film highlighting the New York Mounted Police!  Our contribution shared the Gentle Dove Farm training methods representing the Mounted Police relationship with their horses.   We were proud to share in this tribute to the dedication, training, and value of the Mounted Police. To read the whole story, visit our ENews Blog  in the  'GDF on French TV' link on the right. Below is a 12 minute MOVIE EXTRACT FROM THE FRENCH VERSION with permission from the Producer, Alexandre Pottier!  We were honored to be a part of his filming production! Thank you to the entire Film Crew!

More videos can be found on our Gentle Dove Farm YouTube Channel! Subscribe to see new videos as they get uploaded!

Additional pictures highlighting some Gentle Dove Farm events and Mounted Police activities can be foun here:

GDF Obstacle Training

Photos from a variety of events - Enjoy!

Gentle Dove Farm Obstacle Training - taking a bow
Shamrock taking a bow
Training through the car wash
Gentle Dove Farm demonstrates for the filming of NYPD Mounted Documentary "Live In NY" which aired spring 2012 on French cable station EQUIDIA
Shamrock over the turtleShamrock thru the barrel wall
Gentle Dove Farm Obstacle Training Advanced Clinic
Gentle Dove Farm Advanced Training Clinic
Gentle Dove Farm Advanced TrainingGentle Dove Farm Advanced Training through waterGentle Dove Farm Advanced Training past flares

Gentle Dove Farm Advanced Training with flares
Shamrock with flag and horizontal noodles
Flag, balloon, and noodle fun!
Dillon over the construction bridge
Construction and bridges
Shamrock and the umbrella
Lean-to and smoke
Campfire smoke

Gentle Dove Farm Clinic Demo smoke

Equine Affair Versatile Horse & Rider competition Top 10 Finalist!

More Gentle Dove Farm Dillon Demonstration photos

Dillon taking a bow
Mounted Police 2004
Mounted Police work
Niagra competition
Niagara Competition Championship
Equitation class
NAPEC New Jersey -  Brigadier Memorial Award High Point Championship
in the snow detail

Detail in the snow
NAPEC New Jersey - Obstacle class
NJ NAPEC balloons
NAPEC New Jersey
NJ 2006
NAPEC New Jersey
2006 equitation
NAPEC New Jersey - Equitation
partners 2006
NAPEC New Jersey - Partners
2006 up and over 2006 partner carry 2006 talk and jump
2006 tunnel 2006 barrel carry
2006 winning
NAPEC New Jersey
more fun 2005
NAPEC Va - fire extinguisher obstacle
Shamrock 2007 NAPEC Maryland
NAPEC  Maryland
Shamrock's first competition
2007 shamrock

NAPEC Maryland - equitation
2007 MD Shamrock

NAPEC Maryland- obstacle competition
2007 Shamrock good job!
NAPEC Maryland - 3rd place team
shamrock sheriff car

NYS Mounted patrol training
Shamrock logs 2007

NAPEC Maryland - obstacle start 
NYC 2006

NAPEC NYC memorial ride -  Over 100 mounted police rode through lower Manhattan and offered a moment of silence.
Toronto and GDF winners gallop
NAPEC Kingston, Canada
 Winners gallop
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