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Contact: Joann Long 
(585) 738-7477



Obstacle & Sensory Clinics and Training - Mounted Police Style

 WHAT DO WE DO? Learn mounted police training techniques that encourage partnership and communication to achieve exceptional trust.  Presented by Joann Long, National Mounted Police and Toronto Police Mounted Certified.  Riders will work with their mounts in creative sensory and obstacle situations using proven police horse techniques.  Learn how to develop a partnership with your horse mounted police style! 

Gentle Dove Farm’s focus is individualized training. We’re offering lessons and workshops specializing in personalized instruction at our farm in Bloomfield, NY! Clinics can also be arranged at your location presented by one of our certified instructors. Let our successful international police horse experience work for you!

Contact us to schedule your training needs!

  WHAT MAKES THE GENTLE DOVE FARM OBSTACLE TRAINNG EXPERIENCE SPECIAL?  We have successfully competed at the highest levels.  We show how a police horse stands still while a gun is fired, how he walks calmly over the plastic tarp with bubble wrap popping, how he stands quietly while a flare is lit, or willingly pushes past the barrel blockade.  In our demonstrations, a series of difficult obstacles showing complete control will exhibit the ultimate trust that can be achieved.  Riders are instructed using formation riding and police horse training techniques to gain confidence and trust while attempting obstacles appropriate for their level.

Retired with over 12 years in the mounted police, Joann and her horse ‘Dillon’ earned multiple North American and New York State Obstacle Grand Championships.  She has trained with numerous NYS Police units as well as the Toronto Police Services.  By using these unique techniques, the rider will develop a stronger partnership and better communication toward achieving a higher level of trust. 

Feedback from previous clinic participants included "I liked best seeing the improvement in the horses in just a short time!”, “Loved watching the horses calm down and have fun!”, “Awesome – very well done!”, “Great experience – I liked the variety of obstacles!”, “Very well organized”, “Gentle Dove Farm offered a new approach for me to train my horses! Very informative!”, and “How do you spell phenomenal?!”  See our testimonial page!

Whether you ride Trail Trial, Cowboy Challenge, 4H, Pony Club, Games, Eventing, Hunters, Team Penning, Trail riding, Dressage, or any other equine activity, these obstacle training techniques are beneficial to all.  With the common goals of safety and horsemanship in mind, we want you to put the relaxation and fun back in your saddle!  We teach how to maneuver over, around, and through obstacles such as ground obstacles, drags, flags, pickups, precision and control maneuvers, big 72” ball, car wash, and much, much more, including our unique advanced sensory! Come learn how to partner with your horse! We share ways for you to have better communication and offer strategies to develop trust using proven police horse training techniques! All disciplines are welcome!  

Training Participation Requirements:

  • Rider pre-registration required - don’t delay - our schedule fills up fast!
  • Current coggins and rabies papers are required.  
  • Boots and ASTM helmet are required.  Balance of attire is discretionary.
  • Riders are expected to have basic control of their horse, including the ability to walk, trot, turn, and stop their horse.  If participating in a group training, riders should be comfortable riding in large groups and in pairs. Horses participating should have some out-of-arena experience and be free of dangerous vices (i.e. kicking).
  • Auditors are welcome! Come watch these unique horse training events!
  • All entrants must sigh a liability release form. If under 18, a parent or guardian must sign.
Come join us for an Obstacle Training and witness Police Horse training and trust with your horse! 
For further information contact Gentle Dove Farm, Joann Long, President, at (585) 738-7477, or email

Would you like to volunteer? You can help at a Gentle Dove Farm event. Register HERE

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