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"Assessment Time?"

Gentle Dove Farm obstacle training - ball pushWith spring soon to arrive, it may be a good time to make an assessment on where you are with your horse’s training.  Many times we just continue on our merry way out of habit with our horse.  But can we improve?  What specifically could we be working on to better our equine partnership?  How can we develop better confidence in our self and in our horse?  An assessment might get us closer to those answers!

So what exactly is an assessment? Maybe you might want to take a look at your interaction with your horse, both on the ground and riding, and determine strong points as well as areas for improvement that would help you to progress toward your goals.  Doing an assessment ourselves is a start, but if we enlist the help of an independent knowledgeable person the assessment would be more objective.  Once the areas of focus are determined, a specific plan could be developed.  The plan should contain specific strategies and methods for working toward your goals.  Having a goal and a plan to get there can revitalize your riding.Gentle Dove Farm obstacle training - tarp walk

For example, if your goal is to become more confident on the trail, you might consider obstacle-training lessons.  Having step-by-step instruction to gain individual success can make all the difference for confidence building blocks and developing your communication skills with your horse.   You wouldn’t send your kindergartener to college, so why would we expect our horse to behave like a college grad when we may not have given him that level of education yet?Gentle Dove Farm obstacle training - teetertotter

Whatever your goal, an assessment might well prove an invaluable resource to understand where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.  If you want to enjoy riding more, find a way to grow and develop a better relationship with your horse.  Take the steps you need to learn more, enjoy more, and live more!

Gentle Dove Farm provides training Mounted Police Style to the general equestrian public.  We encourage partnership, communication, and exceptional trust. We are National Mounted Police and Toronto Police Services Certified; as well as have multiple international Police Equestrian Championships and NYS Police Equestrian Games Gold Medals. Contact Joann Long at or 585-738-7477 for training opportunities. Let us know if we can be of service to you or your organization.

Happy and safe travels!
Joann K Long

Contact: Joann Long
2906 Wheeler Station Rd.
 Bloomfield, NY 14469
Phone: (585) 738-7477

Gentle Dove Farm Obstacle Training - having fun at the Noodle Wall with Shamrock

Shamrock takes a bow - He was featured on French TV!

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